Introduced in 2006, Sunergy is the leading energy management software solution for medium-sized businesses. Developed by the R&D department at LenoxSoft, it outclasses competitors in energy produced and saved. With Sunergy, customers can save up to 75% on their energy bill. The majority of our clients report that the investment in Sunergy pays for itself within 2 years, and all report that Sunergy is incredibly easy to use and manage.


LenoxSoft offers on-site repairs and support for Sunergy solutions and is always looking to improve the quality of our products.

Sunergy solutions are highly flexible and can be adapted to just about any business. Whatever your needs, we guarantee that Sunergy can help you control energy costs and become an eco-friendly company.

Sunergy Pricing:

LenoxSoft was ranked #1 in total cost of ownership in green energy management by leading analysts and significantly improves performance for finance and operations teams. The functionality matrix below will help you decide which package and feature set is right for your business.

Complementary Onboarding Services:

LenoxSoft provides complementary services with all of our Editions to speed time to customer value.

Sunergy, green energy at your fingertips. Please contact us for information.