Customer Support

Welcome to the Lenoxsoft’s Support Options page. We believe our customers are the best customers in the world, no matter how simple or complex the organization. Our goal is to support our customers through efficient and effective technical support and resources.

You should have an enjoyable support experience…every time. That’s our pledge to you. If you need support, please take advantage of the support options presented on this page; this short video describes some of them. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve you.

Phone Support for Ultimate Clients

Customer Support via phone is available for Ultimate clients by dialing 888.555.1212

Chat Support for Ultimate and Enterprise Clients

Customer Support via interactive Chat is available for Ultimate, Enterprise and Professional clients, from within the Application or within the Knowledge Base.

Web Support for Ultimate, Enterprise and Professional Clients

For convenient customer support, LenoxSoft Ultimate, Enterprise and Professional clients can submit a ticket to create a help ticket, manage their account, download technical resources, and search the knowledge base. To use the knowledge base, Enterprise users should look for “Enterprise” in the title of the article.